Dr. Theresa Craig AM, Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Dr Theresa Craig AM is a highly qualified scientist who translates complex science information into meaningful topics that the general public can understand. 

She has international experience working in the agricultural industry her entire career in roles ranging from scientist, to consultant, and to manager. In addition, her experience has allowed her to work with complementary industries.

Dr. Craig has a PhD in nutrition across all species with a minor in business, and has specialized in large animals, specifically cattle and sheep. For the past 14 years, she has owned and operated her Australian based research and consulting firm, TARA - Technical Assistance and Research Analysis Pty Ltd. Through her company, she has been intimately involved in the production management of feedlots, dairies, dairy beef, pastoral companies, feed mills, and abattoirs throughout Australia and Internationally. By combining scientific expertise with market factors, she has taken companies and individual farmers from infancy to becoming preferred meat suppliers. She understands production, management, and economic principles across many different facets of the agricultural sector.

In partnership with her husband, Dr. Craig owns and manages a purebred Charolais and commercial red Brahman operation in Queensland, called “Aserlay Farms”.  This gives her another perspective of the complex cattle industry.  

As a PhD in nutrition, Dr. Craig has conducted and published research in the areas of growth and nutrition in cattle, and endocrinology/nutrition research in ruminants and monogastrics. This gives her the technical background required to help understand R&D associated with many facets of agribusiness. In addition, she has managed research projects in human nutrition, medicine, and the sugar cane industry. Through these projects, she has brought together academia and commercial enterprises to fulfill a specific need; therefore, she appreciates the need for cross-industry strategic initiatives. Her research and practical background in a number of areas of agriculture allows her to look at agribusiness from a fresh perspective.

Theresa has been a key lecturer for the University of New England CRC Feedlot Course. She has also managed a feedlot in Mexico specializing in supplying food to a 5 star restaurant chain.

As a vibrant approachable professional, Dr Craig breaks the mould of the traditional scientist and is a role model for young women with an interest in science and agriculture. She brings agriculture to life and makes it relevant to our everyday health and wellbeing in her work, and media engagements. Theresa is author of many publications including being author and editor of the recent “Best Practices Dairy Beef 2007”, a MLA publication.

She is a knowledgeable communicator who makes science interesting, accessible and relevant to people of all ages worldwide. A committed scientist, she is constantly in pursuit of conclusive facts, dispelling many of the 
myths associated with our hectic lifestyles.

Dr Craig is an authority on current issues from diabetes, obesity, dietary 
fat and food safety to global issues that are high on our public agenda, including biological warfare, genetic modification, stem cell research, cloning and mad 
cow disease.

Over the past 20 years, she has become a trusted source of unbiased information gaining extensive experience through her work with international biotechnology companies, hospitals, surgeons, food companies and academia.

Through a collaborative approach with other researchers, scientists and practitioners worldwide, Dr Craig provides timely information on real issues that are happening now.

A vibrant, approachable professional, Dr Craig breaks the mould of the traditional scientist and is a role model for young women with an interest in science. She brings science to life and makes it relevant to our everyday needs.

Theresa makes a contribution to agriculture in Australia everyday. She is passionate that agriculture and the food industries need to attract the best and brightest. She has the scientific research background, broad work experience, and international knowledge that give her insight on the domestic and international issues facing Australian agribusiness.