About TARA

TARA specialises in technical assistance and research analysis.

We are experts in complex scientific information and have the ability and experience to translate that complex information and data into understandable written information or presentations.

Coupling that with our extensive project management experience makes us the ideal match for a variety of clients from small and large farms to resource organisations such as mines. 

TARA is an Australian owned company working with international organisations and companies in the fields of:

  • Agriculture
  • Medical Science and
  • Life Science
  • Project Management - Resource Sector. 

More specifically, we supply technical support and research facilitation around scientific research that helps make science useful for our clients.

We use our combined skills to give support through production management, nutritional consulting, research management and project management.

Founded by Dr. Theresa Craig, TARA has been established in Australia and serving global clients for several decades. 

Dr. Craig also owns Aserlay Farms, a family owned farm on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.