TARA uses science and economic expertise to optimize business potential in agriculture and science. 

We bring technical expertise to the practical environment and offer a wide array of specialty services. We specialise in business packages to assist farms to provide nutritional and technical assistance across their species. 


We have created tailored packages from basic to advance to help our clients grow their businesses and achieve their desired outcomes. 

Basic Animal Nutrition Package

  • Ration formulation
  • Formulation of premixes and products.


Advanced Animal Nutrition Package

  • Basic Nutrition +
  • Pasture supplementation to meet specific weight or reproductive goals.
  • Forage matrix.


Economic Support

  • Feed budgeting
  • Economic sensitivities of commodities.
  • Monthly ration costing
  • Weekly P & L of enterprise


Comprehensive Animal Nutrition and Business Package

  • Advance nutrition +
  • Data Management and Statistical Analysis
  • Software development.
  • Statistical analysis of performance data.
  • Commodity Support
  • Tracking and ordering commodities.
  • Sourcing commodities
  • Commodity vendor declaration tracking for audit needs.


Provide Project management support

Tara offers project management in agriculture, science, the resource sector and general business in established and start up enterprises


Basic PM package

  • Project Management Plan
  • Requirements gathering, work breakdown structures, and scope development
  • Conduct performance analysis of business.
  • Evaluate potential assets for purchase.
  • Education and training
  • 3rdparty peer reviews
  • Scheduling
  • Stakeholder assessment and management
  • Risk Assessment and management
  • Economic modelling and evaluation


Resource PM package

  • Production operations management
  • Strategic planning, business planning, and Budgeting
  • 3rdparty peer reviews
  • Economic modeling and evaluation
  • Stakeholder assessment and management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Field development planning
  • Petroleum production engineering



TARA experience in medical and science research allows the following services to be offered to hospital, general practioners, surgeons, and those companies in the medical and scientific fields.  More specifically TARA offers to project manage the research and commercialization of startup novel food (human and animal) and nutraceuticals.  TARA can also facilitate surgeons and hospitals in their research needs for their specific area of expertise.


Basic R & D package:

Develop experimental model

Write experimental protocol

Conduct experiment

Analyze data through appropriate statistical models.

Write abstracts, paper and presentation on results.

Guidance in proper presentation technique.

Present presentations for client.


Advanced R & D package

 Basic +

Intellectual property tender

Facilitate commercialization




TARA strives to contribute to the understanding of technical issues in Life Science, that affect people’s daily life. We do this through explaining technical information in an understandable way to the public.


Basic Package

  • Address specific question of concern
  • Discussion with experts and stakeholders.
  • Conduct comprehensive analyses of the relevant scientific literature
  • Outcome report

Advanced Package

  • Basic +
  • Prepare and present seminars, workshops and lectures
  • Further engagement of stakeholders to shape awareness

Speaking engagement Package

We are happy to speak to the public on a variety of topics that we have expertise and experience in.