Past Projects

All past projects that have occurred over the past 14 years will be added over time to this site to give an idea of the scope of work TARA can do.

  • Sokhna Livestock Company, Egypt:  Duties:  Ration formulation for feedlot, commodity sensitivities and staff training.

  • Elders, Australia:  Duties:  Ration formulation for feedlot, commodity sensitivities, staff training and analysis of scientific merit of possible asset purchases.

  • Feed Mill Nutritionist:  Duties:  Ration formulation for feedlot and dairy customers, commodity sensitivities, staff training, trouble shooting problem cases, customer support and training, marketing development for products.


  • Barley Australia, Sept 2009:  Duties:  Expert panelist for annual conference.

  • SucraTech Pty Ltd - A start-up company looking to take research to commercialisation for sugar by-product nutraceuticals.  General Manager:  Duties:  Day to day management of the business; research analysis of past research; development and management of research program; product development for cattle, sows, pets and humans; patent applications; administration of overall business; oversee design of pilot plant; negotiate with potential joint partners; negotiate for forward contracts of products; develop business plan.

  • Castech:  Duties:  Specification required for design of feedlot and stock mill using cassava as the main feed ingredient; critique design of feedlot and stock mill; analyse the economics of using cassava as the main feed ingredient in a beef feedlot.


  • University of New England, Australia:  Duties:  Key note lecturer for  course entitled "Feedlot Management".

  • Oleo Industries:  Duties:  Developed new feed product lines for ruminants and corresponding marketing strategies.