TARA uses science and economic expertise to optimise business potential.  Our company offers a wide array of specialty services in animal agriculture. Such as:

  • Provide nutritional technical assistance across species.
  • Assist in production management. Bring technical expertise to the practical environment.
  • Conduct performance analysis of business.
  • Prepare and present seminars, workshops and lectures to train staff and clients.
  • Evaluate potential assets for purchase.
  • Conduct economic and decision risk analysis studies.
  • Provide ongoing data management and statistical analysis of the operation.


Specific services offered in Agriculture include:


Nutritional Support

  • Ration formulation.
  • Formulation of premixes and products.
  • Feed budgeting for future needs of Dairy, Feedlots and Pastoral supplementation. Allows decisions to be made on what is bought and/or planted.
  • Pasture supplementation to meet specific weight or reproductive goals.

Economic Support

  • Forage matrix.
  • Economic sensitivities of commodities.
  • Monthly ration costing as related to predicted performance for animal type. Sent first day of each month.
  • Weekly P & L of enterprise.

Data Management and Statistical Analysis

  • Software development.
  • Statistical analysis of performance data.

i.    By animal type.
ii.   By source.
iii.  Advanced statistical analysis is run on key performance indicators.  
iv.   Parameters can be added to meet a clients needs.

  • Total feedlot, and/or pastoral data management, including

i.    Feed entry or feed growth rates.
ii.   Feed inventory.
iii.  Animal entry and exit.  Allows on going reports to give total  performance.

  • Health and sick reports with statistics.
  • Bench marking against other feedlots.

Commodity Support

  • Tracking and ordering commodities.
  • Sourcing commodities that meet specific clients needs.
  • Commodity vendor declaration tracking for audit needs.
  • With each new ration or feeding regime a prediction of feed commodity use rate and performance cost is given.

General Support

  • Staff training
  • Research and Development
  • Project management

Work can be done in all areas of ruminants including feedlot, stud breeders, pastoral, dairy, sheep and goats.