Welcome to TARA

TARA is an Australian owned, international consulting company specializing in the fields of Agriculture, Medicine/Science, and Life Science. We provide experts to supply technical support and facilitate research to help science work for you.

Our areas of speciality give support in production management, nutritional consulting, and research management.

TARA uses science and economic expertise to optimise business potential.  Our company offers a wide array of specialty services in animal agriculture.   TARA experience in medical and science research allows the following services to be offered to hospital, general practioners, surgeons, and those companies in the medical and scientific fields.   TARA strives to contribute to the understanding of technical issues in Life Science, through communicating relevant information in the media.


Live Animal Export the Human Side

Currently, a win-win scenario exists for Australian farmers and for the Omani people in the Middle East.

DOHA and Agriculture

Press articles periodically mention the DOHA talks.  What are they and how do they affect us?